Valerie du Sange

paranormal fantasy in France


France on the eve of the Revolution.

The aristocrats tell the starving peasants to eat cake, but what are the aristocrats themselves feeding on? If these old letters are authentic, the fifth world–especially vampires–has infiltrated the nobility, and the young women of Château Gagnon are in peril. Nicolas, in secret and in grave danger, writes to let the real story be told, before everything comes undone.

Short story prequel to the Fifth World series


“Fingal tilted her chin up to look at her face. Her skin glowed as always, her hair was thick and glossy. The only sign that she was ill was in her eyes. No flame around the iris. No life. No recognition. Blankness.”

Fingal and Martine have been happily married for nearly 200 years when something starts to go terribly wrong. Right under his nose, Martine seduces other men and is unrepentant. Fingal is confused, hurt, and furious—until he realizes that her behavior is caused by disease. Yet vampires aren’t supposed to get sick, not even a sniffle, and finding help proves almost impossible.

To find a cure for his wife, Fingal must overcome betrayal, a scandalous lack of vampire scientists, slayers— and most difficult of all, his own reluctance at being part of the fifth world.

Undying is the second book in the Fifth World series. No cliffie.

“As they drank tiny glasses of Chartreuse and the fire died down to embers, he continued to hold her hand, and then, with one finger, touched the thin silk strap of her dress, and eventually, for just a moment, her neck, but no more….”

Champion equestrienne Jo Martin has set off for France and her dream job at a breathtaking Château. She dismisses the rumors about vampires as nothing more than tabloid fodder and just wants to spend all her time in the saddle. But David la Motte, the Marquis’s sexy younger brother, has other ideas—and he’s not shy about spelling them out.

The longer she stays, the more entangled Jo becomes with the la Motte brothers. David is irresistible to women but a classic playboy; his brother Henri is a shy scientist who lights up when Jo enters a room. But she didn’t come to France looking for romance, and struggles to sort out passion from real emotion. Before long, events begin unfolding faster and faster, threatening everything she has always believed about the world, and about herself.

Unbitten is a steamy paranormal fantasy, first in a series with no cliffhanger.

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